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2020 Wet & Wild Shoot

Bonanza Safari Results

2019 Safari Shoot


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Shoot Dates for 2020:

Wet & Wild - March 7 - 8

Cinco de Arrow - May 2 - 3

S3DA Youth Shoot May 16

Youth Safari - May 30

Bonanza Safari - July 25 & 26

Summer League - June 20 - Aug 1

Mel Schmidt - August 22 - 23

Flashlight Shoot - October 10

Directions To The Range:

1. From 1-5 take Exit 233 East on Santiam Hwy SE / US 20, go 5.3 miles
2. Turn left onto Highway 226 SE. Continue to follow Hwy 226 for 4.3 miles

3. Turn right onto Fish Hatchery Road, go 3 miles

4. Turn right onto Richardson Gap road, go 2.6 miles
5. Turn left into Wapiti Bowmen Archery Range. Follow the road. 

Wapiti Bowmen 2020 Gun and Bow Raffle

Wapiti Bowmen is offering a bucket raffle for a rifle and a bow during the 2020 3-D season to raise funds for the club.  A limit of only 100 tickets each will be sold for the opportunity to win the rifle or the bow.  The raffle kicked off at Wapiti Bowmen's annual membership banquet in February and will continue through the Mel Schmidt Memorial 3-D shoot or until all tickets are sold, whichever comes soonest.

The rifle being raffled is a Diamondback DB-15 (an AR-15 clone) being obtained through Sportsman's Warehouse in Albany.  The cost of the rifle is being covered by others and Wapiti Bowmen will benefit by the full amount of the raffle ticket sales   The particular rifle being raffled comes with two complete uppers – a 5.56 / .223 upper and a .300 AAC Blackout upper.  The uppers can easily be switched from one caliber to the other by removing only two (2) pins and exchanging one (1) upper for the other.  The rifle's receiver (both uppers and lower) and barrel shrouds have been Cerakoted at the factory making them very corrosion-resistant for Oregon's often rainy conditions.  After Wapiti's Wet-n-Wild 3-D shoot in March only 29 of the 100 tickets for the rifle remained available for purchase at $20 each at Wapiti's remaining 2020 3-D shoots until the limit of 100 tickets has been reached.

The bow being raffled is a Mission (Mathews) Switch bow donated to Wapiti Bowmen by Wayne Endicott of The Bow Rack Archery Shop in Springfield, Oregon.  The Switch is Mission's newest and most adjustable bow.  The bow has a 31-inch axle-to-axle length, a draw weight range from 11 pounds to 70 pounds and a draw length range from 19 inches to 30 inches.  While the bow can serve well for an archer of any age, it is especially useful for starting a youth in archery since the draw weight and length can be readily adjusted as the youth grows to adulthood.  Tickets for the bow raffle are available for purchase for $10 each at Wapiti's remaining 2020 3-D shoots until the limit of 100 tickets has been reached.

Come out to the range and enjoy one or more of Wapiti Bowmen's remaining 3-D shoots for the 2020 shoot season!  And, while you're there, consider purchasing raffle tickets to win either the raffle or the bow to help support Wapiti Bowmen!