For new members or members that do not have a copy of the constitution or by-laws, you can now get a copy here to your printer just click on the download link you want below.
You can download a copy of Wapiti's current Constitution                          and the By- Laws                           . 


1.       Wapiti Bowmen has pledged $100.00 to Oregon Bow Hunters, Inc. reward fund.  It will pay upon arrest and                          conviction of perpetrator.

2.       Any member can carry as family a live in lady friend as long as they have the same address, her dues will
          be $10.00. If the address changes she will pay full membership.   

3.       Members are sent a notice the first of  the month when their dues are due and if they have not renewed by the                  first of the next month, they are sent a second notice.  If they do not renew by the end of the second month after              the second notice, they will be dropped from the membership and lose any credits they may have accumulated.

 4.     If somebody wants to join Wapiti Bowmen and asks to pay in installments, this will be decided by  the Executive                 Board on a case by case basis.

5.     Members who bring dogs to the range, the dog must be on a leash at all times.  This will also be posted at the                    range. 

6.     Continuous membership, certificates will be issued every 5 years.

7.     Vice President of Indoor and Director of Indoor shall not pay indoor shooting fees.
8.     Land owners may be paid a fee for the extra use of their lands for 3-D shoots. 

 9.    Wapiti Bowmen will aggressively prosecute anyone caught trespassing on our property at 34861 Richardson Gap               Rd.  Lebanon, Or.

10.   40% shall be taken from gross receipts of a 3-D shoot or tournament and placed in a special savings account to be            used for purchase of  3-D animal targets.

 11.  Officer Conduct Policy.

        Any member of Wapiti Bowmen wishing to hold an office must agree to abide by these standards:

                    A. Maintain a high moral and ethical manner of conduct and speech.

                    B.  Respond with respect and consideration to other members, no matter what personal opinions or                                            attitudes he/she may have.

                    C. Maintain unity and support in E-Board decisions.

                    D. As an officer and example for the membership, make every effort to attend club meetings, work parties                               and shoots.

                    E. Conduct deemed unbecoming to an officer will be handled by the E-Board and may end in removal of that                           person from office.
        MOTION/SECOND/PASSED……………………………March 3, 2006

 12.  Out of area shooting passes may be purchased by individuals residing over 50 miles from the range.  Fee shall be              $50.00 per year.  An out of area shooting pass only entitles the holder to shoot at practice range targets and/or                  field course targets, and entitles the holder to no other club benefits or privileges.  No shooting is permitted at                    other targets, such as those which have been set out for leagues or 3-D shoots, or at any other objects on the                      archery range property.  Out of area shooting pass holders must obey all posted club rules while on the archery                range property.
        AMENDED/MOTION/SECOND/PASSED…………………………… February 16, 2009

 13.  Except for scheduled 3-D shoots, leagues and other events open to non-members by specific authorization of the              club members voting at a regular business meeting, non-members may only be on the Wapiti Bowmen’s archery                range without trespassing when they are a guest of and accompanied by a Wapiti Bowmen member.  If a non-                    member guest shoots at the practice range and/or field course, the member accompanying him/her is responsible            to see that he/she pays the required $10.00 guest pass fee before beginning to shoot.
        MOTION/SECOND/PASSED……………………………February 16, 2009

 14.  Non-member guests who have paid the $10.00 guest pass fee are only entitled to shoot at the practice range                      targets and/or the field course targets.  No shooting is permitted at other targets, such as those which have been              set out for leagues or 3-D shoots, or at any other objects on the archery range property.  Non-member guests must          obey all posted club rules while on the archery range property.   

        MOTION/SECOND/PASSED……………………………..February 16, 2009

15.  Guest privileges are not intended to be an alternative to membership in Wapiti Bowmen for regularly shooting at                the  archery range.  Members may not have an individual who lives within 50 miles of the Wapiti Bowmen’s archery          range shoot at the range as a guest more than one day per calendar year.
        MOTION/SECOND/PASSED……………………………..February 16, 2009.

16.  Members of another archery club in Oregon which allows Wapiti Bowmen members to have guest shooting                         privileges may shoot as the guest of a Wapiti member at Wapiti’s range more often than one (1) day per year and               the guest pass fee shall be reduced to $5.00 for such individuals.  The Wapiti member accompanying the guest                   shooter shall be responsible to determine that the guest is a current member of the reciprocating club, pays the                 reduced guest pass fee and obeys all club rules while on the archery range property.
       MOTION/SECOND/PASSED……………………………...June 10, 2009

17.  Except for scheduled 3-D shoots, leagues and other events open to non-members by specific authorization of the              club members voting at a regular business meeting, Wapiti Members are required to clearly display their current                membership card on their person, such as on a lanyard worn around the neck, clipped to a shirt or blouse, or                      fastened to a quiver or other item of equipment being worn or carried by the member whenever the member is on          the range property.  Failure to have a current membership card clearly displayed in such manner shall be grounds            for the member to be asked by any Wapiti officer or member to leave the range property until such time as a                      current membership card is so displayed.  Any member, when asked to comply with this provision, who resists                    doing so or who threatens or attempts to intimidate the Wapiti officer or member requesting the compliance with            this provision shall be subject to discipline by Wapiti’s E-Board up to and including termination of their membership.
       MOTION/SECOND/PASSED……………………………...June 10, 2009

18.  Target, tournament and 3-D shoot fees are established based on shooting a single round per day.   Anyone wishing            to shoot a target, tournament or 3-D shoot course more than one time per day shall be required to pay an                          additional fee equal to fifty percent (50%) of the fee for the initial round for each additional round to be shot.
        MOTION/SECOND/PASSED………………………………June 10, 2009


Constitution & By-Laws